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President Peter Salovey Discusses ‘The Yale Way’ at SOM

October 7, 2015

On October 7, Yale celebrated Founders Day, marking 314 years since the university’s establishment in October 1701. As part of the festivities, President Peter Salovey made a brisk speaking tour of campus; during a stop at Evans Hall, he addressed students, faculty, and staff from Yale SOM and nearby Science Hill. Salovey spoke about his goals for the next several years, as well as the unique aspirations that make Yale a leader among its peers:

What does it mean to want to be the world-class research university that is most committed to teaching and learning? What does it mean to say that we are going to be the university that cares the most about being accessible and affordable to every student, no matter where in the world they come from? What does it mean to say we want to be a global leader in research, but in research that transcends disciplinary boundaries, that isn’t trapped by old models? What does it mean to say we’re committed to being unsurpassed in the arts and humanities, and what does it mean to say we want to share Yale’s treasures with more of the world?

I think all of those goals represent a way in which Yale can establish itself not as just a great university, but…as a model for other universities, as an approach to learning, as an approach to scholarship, as an approach to living in a campus community that can be [known as] the Yale way and can be adopted by others.

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