Beach, Buffets, and now Back to Business

March 23, 2007

Spring break has passed by so quickly. A group of SOMers rented an amazing house in Outer Banks, NC, where we had some excellent R and R, which included a makeshift "Iron Chef" competition (secret ingredients: tuna and shrimp), "Pride and Prejudice" viewings for multiple hours, basketball game viewings for multiple hours, hot tub, Guitar Hero, and a celebratory cheer for the "PR" for Proficient that we found as we passed a laptop around to check our grades. For me, I headed to Orlando after that: We are lucky to enjoy TWO full weeks of spring break. I'll spare all the details of how many hours were wasted in the airport between my friends and I because of the snowstorm in the Northeast. I'll just say, Disneyworld is actually still quite fun as an adult. :) And if you ever go to Orlando, Boston Lobster Feast was an amazing seafood buffet ... I ate one, two, three, four, and a half lobsters and probably a pound of shrimp ...among other tasty delights! It was sinful. Of course, between all the days of fun, there were some of us still writing cover letters and sending resumes along during break, myself included. I have to say, SOM alumni are awesome--they were so willing just to chat and also to provide their share of connections. I'm leaving spring break with some options in hand, and will post an update as soon as things are finalized! But it looks like we're rolling right back into school ... and I know the next six weeks will just FLY...


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