Back to the real world

By: Paul Ip
February 24, 2007

It's been a great trip to Seattle, and tonight I'll be taking the red-eye flight back to the world of Yale SOM. It's been a productive trip. I spent almost 12 hours interviewing with nine people over two days here, but I'm leaving with a verbal offer that should become a formal offer early next week. With that in hand, I need to shift my focus back to school. I came with the intent of spending more time on the coursework that I've missed, but I haven't been able to do anything outside of responding to e-mails, coordinating with recruiters on interview schedules and decision deadlines, and spending time visiting friends. Am I worried? I shouldn't be. Our grading system basically guarantees that we'll all get a proficient grade at the end of the term. However, we're covering some interesting topics in a number of my classes, and I don't want to cheat myself and my group members by slacking off. I've got a ton of work that I need to get done tomorrow when I finally return to New Haven, but it's definitely good to have my internship search wrapped up.


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