Distinctively Global

Students join the head of an investment fund in China for a conversation around a conference table. A young leader visits campus to describe the challenges of increasing voter participation in rural India. Through the Global Network for Advanced Management, Yale SOM students participate in a week-long intensive course on economic reform in Turkey at Koç University Graduate School of Business in Istanbul, learning and building relationships with their peers from business schools around the world.

As more and more markets are open to more and more companies and technology connects people in revolutionary ways, top talent and ideas can come from any country. We believe that an effective leader must have a deep understanding of the increasing interconnectedness and complexity of the global marketplace. Yale SOM’s programs, people, and disposition reflect a view over the horizon to a world in which business leaders must work both in developed countries and a growing cohort of emerging economies, and must be attuned to the particular business, legal, political, social, and cultural environments of each, while maintaining their vision and principles.

Global Network for Advanced Management

The Global Network for Advanced Management fosters substantive ties among the world’s leading business schools, providing opportunities for faculty to exchange ideas and for students to interact with their peers and experience the diversity of vantage points that will characterize any environment in which they will lead.

Global Study

Every Yale MBA student gains exposure to the complex issues facing international businesses in fulfilling the Global Studies Requirement. Students do this by choosing from the International Experience course, Global Network Courses, Global Network Weeks, and other electives with a strong global component, as well as the option to spend a full semester at an exchange partner school. Yale SOM has created Global Studies Accounts, which provide support for students as they pursue these opportunities.

Master of Advanced Management

The Master of Advanced Management (MAM) program assembles a cohort of accomplished students from countries around the world for a one-year program of study at Yale. MAM students enrich the Yale SOM classroom and network with their diverse international backgrounds.

Faculty Research

Yale SOM faculty conduct research and collaborate with colleagues in countries around the world, individually and through Yale SOM programs such as the International Center for Finance, the Program on Social Enterprise, and the China India Insights Program.

Yale Center Beijing

The Yale Center Beijing advances Yale University’s fundamental dedication to developing leaders from all sectors of society and all regions of the globe. Yale SOM manages the center on behalf of Yale University. Learn more.

Yale University

Yale SOM benefits from the enormous resources of Yale University, one of the world's great global universities. Yale SOM students deepen their understanding of the world through courses in foreign languages, international relations, political science, and more, while SOM electives frequently include students from across Yale's schools and programs. Yale SOM works closely with Yale institutions such as the Yale World Fellows Program and the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, sharing faculty and sponsoring joint classes and events.

Alumni Network

Members of the Yale SOM and Yale University alumni communities live in dozens of countries around the world, providing networking opportunities and a global perspective for students and fellow alumni.