Amandine Ody-Brasier

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

Professor Amandine Ody-Brasier
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Amandine Ody-Brasier in an assistant professor of organizational behavior at Yale SOM. She is interested in how social factors shape organizational action and market outcomes. In her research, she has examined the social construction of the market for Champagne grapes, highlighting the role of the relationships between wine houses and grape growers. She finds that local, normative expectations influence pricing processes and by extension, actors’ economic outcomes. Pr. Ody-Brasier’s current projects look at how market actors’ identity, both at the individual and organizational levels, may affect pricing. For instance, she studies how the relationships maintained by minority sellers may, under certain circumstances, help them improve their economic outcomes. Direct practical implications of this work include a better understanding of how organizations create and capture economic value from the relationships they maintain.



  • PhD, London Business School, 2012
  • MS, HEC Montreal, 2004
  • MA, Institut d’Etudes Politiques, 2002


  • Innovator MGT 421

Selected Articles

Not the usual suspects: Default expectations and the strategic use of categories

A. Ody-Brasier
Research in the Sociology of Organizations.