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Calligraphy and the Art of Business

Displaying works mainly from the 20th century, this exhibition introduces three different modes of employing calligraphy in the modern world: digital displays and animation of pre-modern calligraphy to emphasize the free flow of brushstrokes and the subtle and elegant treatment of ink; traditional formats of calligraphic display to show a wide spectrum of scripts and structures, and how they build human relationships through giving, receiving, and showing the work; and the rubbing of carved calligraphy on stones to present the beauty of contrasting white and black.

Most of the works displayed in Edward P. Evans Hall are on loan from Kimberly and Steven C. Rockefeller Jr. (MPPM ’90). These works by active contemporary artists, many of which were collected by Steven Rockefeller during his business career in China, are living examples of how business and art function together to benefit both fields. The artworks shown on the digital screens are selected from Yale University Art Gallery, which include important works such as Wang Duo’s cursive script hanging scroll and the Maha Parinirvana sutra preserved in the Dunhuang caves.


‘Calligraphy and the Art of Business’ Exhibit Opens at Evans Hall

Watch a video introducing the exhibition:

Watch a video highlighting works of calligraphy in the collection of the Yale University Art Gallery:

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