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Last Updated: January 15, 2021

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SOM Spring 2021: Key Points

Hybrid instruction

The school plans to operate in a hybrid mode in Spring 2021, meaning that half of students will attend a given class session in person while the other half participates remotely, for most of the school year. Find more information on the Learning & Teaching at Yale SOM knowledgebase.

Student Testing requirements for the spring 2021 Semester

Yale SOM will operate in a hybrid mode in spring 2021. Residential master’s students coming to campus for class must participate in mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing throughout the semester, as well as meet the testing requirements for returning to campus at the start of the spring 2021 semester (find more information here). Students who choose not to participate in the mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing program will need to attend all their classes online.

Other Student Requirements for Spring 2021

De-densified use of Evans Hall

Public health directives will require us to de-densify classroom and all public spaces in Evans Hall. Students will alternate between in-person and online participation in courses, and other uses of the building will be minimized. There will be restrictions on gatherings in public spaces and the use of breakout rooms, lounges, restrooms, etc. For more information, visit the Learning & Teaching at Yale SOM knowledgebase.

COVID-19 screening and health precautions

We will strictly follow University protocols for viral testing and all other health measures stipulated for students, faculty, and staff, which will continue to be updated based on public health conditions.

SOM Planning Committees


State of Connecticut COVID-19 Guidance

Yale University COVID-19 Actions & Response

Yale Health Information on COVID-19


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Community Contacts

Are you a student? Please send questions to: som.aasl@yale.edu
Are you a faculty or staff member? Please send questions to: somhr@yale.edu
Are you an alumnus? Please send questions to: yalesomalumni@yale.edu
Are you a recruiter? Please send questions to: som.recruiting@yale.edu

Welcome back to Evans Hall

The staff at Evans Hall have been working hard to prepare for your arrival. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect on campus.