Yale School of Management

2020 Class Gift FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Class Gift Campaign?

The class gift commemorates your time at SOM and is a great opportunity for your class to come together to leave a lasting mark for future SOM students.

Graduating students at Yale SOM have a long history of contributing to the school through the Yale SOM Alumni Fund. The goal of the Class Gift Campaign is to educate soon-to-be alumni about the importance of giving to Yale SOM and to establish a pattern of giving.

How can my small contribution make a difference when some alumni are giving thousands or even millions of dollars?

Don’t underestimate the effect of your support! Every pledge your class makes represents your collective commitment to Yale. Last year, when individual commitments were added together, the Class of 2019 including MBA, EMBA, MMS, and MAM collectively pledged $551,176– a significant contribution to the school’s bottom line! Every donation, no matter what size, makes a difference.

Why should I give back when I already paid full tuition or have student loans to repay?

Tuition doesn’t represent the true cost of a Yale SOM education. In fact, only 37% of the school’s budget comes from net tuition. Even when you pay full tuition, Yale significantly subsidizes your education through gifts from alumni and friends.

Why does Yale SOM need my support given Yale's multi-billion dollar endowment?

Donor support from current-use gifts and endowment income comprises 43% of Yale SOM’s operating budget. Yale SOM is a self-support school, so Yale University’s central budget does not fund our faculty, our campus, our conferences, etc. Even the Yale SOM endowment can, for the most part, only be spent on particular areas, mostly faculty and programs. Unrestricted giving supports discretionary spending and provides the flexibility needed to innovate.

Based on a 5% endowment payout, $12,500 in annual giving contributes the same amount to Yale’s budget as $250,000 of capital in the endowment.

I have philanthropic priorities other than Yale SOM.

Yale SOM helps train innovative leaders for all sectors, so a gift to Yale SOM will have a positive impact in a wide range of important spaces. If your philanthropic budget is limited, a gift of any size counts for our giving participation rate, which impacts rankings and is a frequent topic of interest from prospective students gauging the satisfaction of our alumni. We are proud that our alumni and students are philanthropically engaged with other causes beyond the school and recommend a participation gift to SOM as a meaningful complement to other giving. The collective support received from alumni makes an impact—it provides immediate, flexible funds that allow the school to address its highest priorities, including student support and the development of timely and innovative new courses and programs. All gifts, regardless of size, are an investment in the life of the school.