Yale School of Management

2015–5th Reunion

5th Reunion Goals (by 6/30/20)

$180,000 in new gifts and pledges

50% Alumni Fund participation

Current Standings (2/5/20):

12.1% Alumni Fund participation 

Reunion Gift Co-Chairs: Alexa Allen, Cliff Emmanuel, Pablo Heredia Gonzalez, Francis Lively
Reunion Gift Committee: Neha Anand, Joe Bonanni, Jonas Clark, James Di Bartolo, Eric Gershman, Peter Grunert, Xulin Guo, Amanda Rinderle, Anne-Claire Roesch, Yabo Si, Ashlee Tran, Nick Veltri, J.J. Wilson, and Lina Zhao

EMBA Reunion Gift & Planning Co-Chairs: Joseph Ianelli and Amy Romano
MAM Reunion Gift & Planning Chair: Anunay Sahay