Yvonne Paintsil MAM ’14

Master of Advanced Management

I intend to go into entrepreneurship at some point, leveraging the experiences I’ve had to help improve the livelihoods of people in Africa.

I worked for three years with the German Development Corporation (GIZ) in Ghana, helping micro, small, medium, and large-scale food businesses improve their capacity to compete in local markets and open up international channels.

My MBA skills helped me make a difference in the businesses of these companies, improving their sales and their revenues. While working there, I saw lots of opportunities. One of them was in the area of effective food packaging. After earning my MBA, I decided to start my own business.

Most of the food vendors in Ghana were using rudimentary forms of packaging, which sometimes were not hygienic. My business brokered partnerships with companies that were sourcing packaging materials from suppliers around the world. This enabled me to provide better materials to businesses in Ghana. My target was supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and event organizers.

The Master of Advanced Management was a great opportunity, because I wanted to globalize my MBA and gain broader perspectives on the challenges facing business and society. Being part of the Global Network for Advanced Management lets students gain international experience and leverage the resources of other member universities to help shape global perspectives.

I’m taking a course called Corporate Environmental Management Strategy that explores how businesses can create economic value while also meeting the needs of the broader community. We’ve had the opportunity to talk with numerous business leaders about their environmental management strategy. Interacting with leaders who are dealing with the issues we’ve been studying in class really made the issues come to life.

I’m looking forward to returning to the business world. I bring some unique perspectives from my background, as well as some deep academic skills in business principles. I plan to draw on both my education and the experiences I’ve had to help improve the livelihoods of people around the world and in Africa.

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Yvonne Paintsil
Master of Advanced Management