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February 28, 2014

“Liquidity as an Investment Style” co-authored by Professors Roger Ibbotson and Zhiwu Chen, and “Capitalism and Financial Innovation,” by Professor Robert Shiller, won article awards from the CFA Institute. Read More

February 27, 2014

YCCI Faculty Fellow Rodrigo Canales was recently acknowledged as one of the “Top 40 Under 40″ business school professors by Poets & Quants. His dedication to his reseach finds him in some unexpected situations, from sheering sheep to spending the night in a Mexican drug lord’s home. Read More

February 27, 2014

In an independent study course, a team of MBA students explored investment strategies drawing on the approaches they had learned about in the Innovator class. Read More

February 26, 2014

More than 470 students from the Global Network for Advanced Management will participate in two installments of Global Network Week in the coming weeks. Read More

February 26, 2014

Levin called for increased federal funding for university-based research, which he said is important to securing American prosperity. Read More

February 25, 2014

Speaking as part of the Leaders Forum lecture series on January 29, Gorman called the banking crisis that began in 2008 an “embarrassing” industry failure that required an aggressive federal response. Read More

February 24, 2014

Anthropologists and psychologists called it the "magical law of contagion," or the belief that a person's essence can be transmitted through objects they have touched. In the 1920s, anthropologist James Frazer suggested the belief was common to "savage and barbarous society." But, in a study published Monday in the journal PNAS, Yale University researchers argue that such magical thinking is alive and well here in the United States. Read More

February 21, 2014

Schott testified about his research showing that a change in trade policy toward China resulted in sharp drop in U.S. manufacturing jobs. Read More

February 21, 2014

Speaking as part of the Leaders Forum lecture series, Kleinfeld said that young business leaders need the discipline to master complex subjects. Read More