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April 9, 2014

Yale SOM students reflect on their Global Network Week experiences, Read More

March 11, 2014

A series of Global Network courses use technology to connect students and faculty on multiple continents. The result is a broader understanding of global markets and organizations. Read More

February 26, 2014

More than 470 students from the Global Network for Advanced Management will participate in two installments of Global Network Week in the coming weeks. Read More

February 7, 2014

The course, the third of Yale’s “small network online courses,” investigates environmental and sustainability issues currently facing major companies. Read More

December 13, 2013

In Madrid, network schools agreed to admit two new members and extend the reach of Global Network Weeks and Global Network Courses. Read More

July 19, 2013

Taught by Yale School of Management faculty, the Global Network Courses will connect students around the world with web-streamed lectures and virtual project teams. Read More

July 12, 2013

Member schools of the Global Network for Advanced Management in China, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Spain, and the U.S. have joined together to host the second Global Network Week. Read More

November 1, 2013

Member schools in China, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Spain, and the U.S. took part in Global Network Week. The Yale School of Management hosted 68 visiting students, while 57 Yale SOM students traveled to other Network schools. Read More