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Have questions about Brexit? Join us for a Facebook Live conversation about Brexit and its implications for markets and politics with David Bach, Senior Associate Dean for Executive MBA and Global Programs, and Andrew Metrick, Deputy Dean and Michael H. Jordan Professor of Finance and Management.


Europe stands at a crossroads ahead of the June 23 vote in Britain on whether to remain a part of or leave the European Union. A Brexit could trigger similar movements in other EU countries—in the Netherlands, for instance—and result in a major reshuffling of European politics. ESMT Berlin President Jörg Rocholl says severe consequences would be felt in three major ways.


A student startup aims to build affordable, high-quality, sustainable furniture—and finance new designs through crowdfunding.


It turns out, taking photos of your food actually heightens enjoyment


Investor fears are being exacerbated by reports of poor market returns, according to a recent study. The pessimism is almost certainly hurting their investments. Simon Constable explains.


More than 180 executive MBA students from across the Global Network for Advanced Management will participate in the first Global Network Week for EMBA students from June 13 to 17.


The first Global Network week aimed at Executive MBA students, takes place on June 13-17.


Zhang is the founder, chair, and CEO of China-based Hillhouse Capital Management Group.


Banking regulators may have made a big mistake, according to a new BIS working paper.

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