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The firm Epic Decade led a three-day design lab giving students the opportunity to apply design thinking to their own opportunities, stories, and strategies.


Only three years old, the Design & Innovation Club is already the second largest student club at the Yale School of Management. Its annual MBA Innovation Summit was held on February 21 in New York City.


Academics and regulators will gather at Edward P. Evans Hall on August 1 to discuss bank capital.


The committee advises the Department of the Treasury’s Office of Financial Research on issues of systemic risk in the financial markets.


The two-week program provides students access to MBA curriculum offerings and alumni.


Watch video of a talk by Prof. Barberis on the emerging field, given at the CFA Institute Annual Conference.


Graduates of the MBA, MBA for Executives, and Master of Advanced Management programs pledged more than $450,000.


Edward P. Evans Hall will be the site of the first Global Network Week for faculty this month. The four-day program, which begins on July 21, is aimed at fostering collaboration among faculty members in the Global Network for Advanced Management with an interest in sustainability and building connections between faculty members and business professionals. It was organized by the Yale Center for Business and the Environment.


Professor Sonnenfeld reflects on the late Paul Mazursky's film Harry & Tonto and how it shaped his view of the role that older workers play in the economy.


In recent research, Amy Wrzesniewski, associate professor of organizational behavior, and co-author Barry Schwartz examined the effectiveness of internal and external, or instrumental, motives. They report on their research in a July 6 article in the Sunday Review section of the New York Times, titled “The Secret of Effective Motivation.” The article quickly became the most emailed article on the Times website.