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Workers who volunteer feel like they have more balance between work and the rest of their lives.


A pioneer in CEO education, the CELI offers C-suite level professionals a chance to debate the state of business and their roles during spirited discussions in a private setting.


Connecticut Green Bank’s Bryan Garcia on building a cleaner energy market.


The new fellowship will better enable SOM students to pursue entrepreneurial ventures by letting them defer student loan payments for the first two years after graduation.”


The outdoor apparel brand’s director of philosophy talked to EMBA sustainability students.


Jenifer Van Vleck, assistant professor of history and American studies, discussed the role that Pan American Airways played in expanding global business and U.S influence.


Bart Houlahan, co-founder of B Lab, discussed the role of benefit corporations at the GE Colloquium in Sustainability Leadership.


Yale SOM has made a series of small changes to its integrated MBA curriculum, intended to achieve greater integration and coordination between core courses.


Speaking at Yale SOM, senior director of the Yale Investments Office said that a sensible, long-term investment strategy with plenty of equity exposure and diversification drives Yale’s booming endowment.

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