Development and Alumni Relations

Joel A. Getz, Senior Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations
+1 203-432-6489

Amanda Raddatz, Executive Assistant, Development and Alumni Relations
+1 203-432-3788


Roe Fellows, Managing Director, Development
+1 203-432-8484

Kathleen Brown-Dorato, Director of Development, Major Gifts
+1 203-432-5463

Adrienne Gallagher, Director of Institutional Partnerships
+1 203-432-0207

Katya Ilina, Director, Development Operations and Research
+1 203-432-5458

Cindy Sacramone, Director, Yale SOM Alumni Fund
+1 203-432-1453

Jocelyn Polce, Senior Associate Director, Reunion Giving
+ 1 203-432-5417

Basie Gitlin, Associate Director, Leadership Giving
+1 203-432-6855

Chris Washnock, Assistant Director, Leadership Giving
+1 203-436-9553

Megan Boon, Research Analyst
+1 203-432-7742

Renée Anastasio, Senior Administrative Assistant
+1 203-432-6864

Deborah R. Pratt, Senior Administrative Assistant
+1 203-436-0491

Angela Pieczko, Senior Administrative Assistant
+1 203-436-4056

Board Relations

Courtney LightfootAssociate Director of Development, Board Relations
+1 203-432-8741

Asia NeupaneAssociate Director of Development, Board Relations
+1 203-436-9498


Rita Chepulis, Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations
+1 203-432-7789

Susan Mommsen, Stewardship and Donor Relations Coordinator
+1 203-432-8510

Alumni Relations

Christopher Galvin, Managing Director, Alumni Relations and Reunion Programs
+1 203-436-2385

Kaela Heaslip, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, Communications, Special Projects, and Programs
+1 203-432-1279
Please contact Kaela Heaslip if you need assistance with your Net ID login information.

Cindy Charlesworth, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations for Reunions
and Regions
+1 203-432-5483

Sara Kroon, Applications Analyst
+1 203-432-5468
Please contact Sara Kroon with address updates.

Sylvia Jones, Event Coordinator
+1 203-432-9391

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