Workshop on Perception and Choice

Workshop on Perception and Choice

The aim of the Yale Workshop on Perception and Choice (YWPC) is to explore the usefulness (or not) of drawing analogies between the nature of perceptual judgments and choices among actions. Such analogies might seek to use perceptual mechanisms as models of the psychological or neural mechanisms involved in decision making, or might use concepts developed for the normative study of choice and action (optimality, adaptation, statistical inference) to provide functional explanations for perceptual phenomena. YWPC will constitute as a first step in establishing a new foundation for work on human choice and judgment, creating a dialog that spans empirical domains and methodologies. YWPC will involve scholars from the neuroscience, psychology, economics, and broader cognitive science communities.

Invited Speakers

Charles R. Gallistel (Psychology, Rutgers University)

Joshua Gold (Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania)

Andrei Shleifer (Economics, Harvard University)

Michael Woodford (Economics, Columbia University)


Nick BarberisMark Dean, Shane Frederick, Joy Hirsch, Daeyeol Lee,
Ifat Levy, Rick Prum, Laurie Santos, Brian Scholl, Greg Semanez-Larkin


There will be no registration charge for YWPC. However, in order to ensure that we have space for all participants, we ask that you preregister at this site.


 Nick Barberis, Bob Frank, Daeyeol Lee, and Ifat Levy

The YWPC organizers gratefully acknowledge the financial and organizational support provided by the Yale Department of Economics, the Yale Program in Cognitive Science, and the Yale School of Management.