SOM Marketing Club - First Post

April 13, 2007

This is the first official blog post of my life, so if I break any unwritten blogger rules please forgive me. As one of five leaders of the Marketing Club here at Yale SOM, I have been asked to contribute to this blog in order to give prospective students insight into what the Marketing Club brings to SOM.

The best way I can explain the marketing club, in my opinion, is to relay the impact the club has had on me so far. As an engineer by training and trade, the field of marketing was something that I had very little exposure to prior to attending business school. However, through the combined efforts of last year’s Marketing Club Leaders, I went from a marketing outsider to landing an internship with one of the best marketing companies in the world in under eight months. Through the Marketing Club’s various events from cover letter and resume writing workshops to mock interviews and marketing conferences, I received a much needed infusion of marketing exposure. The amazing thing is if the Marketing Club can do this for someone like me; just imagine what it can do for someone with a background in marketing to begin with. I encourage any of you out there reading this, who have any notion at all that marketing may be the career for you, to apply to Yale SOM and participate in the Marketing Club if you come to school here.


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