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A Reputation Based Model of Limited Arbitrage
A. Moreira
A research-based perspective on the SEC's proposed rule-Roadmap for the potential use of financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) by US issuers
K. Jamal, R. Bloomfield, T. E. Christensen, R. H. Colson, S. Moehrle, J. Ohlson, S. Penman, T. Stober, S. Sunder and R. L. Watts
Accounting Horizons
A resource granularity framework for estimating opportunity costs
R. Balakrishnan, K. Sivaramakrishnan and S. Sunder
Accounting Horizons
A Revealed Preference Ranking of US Colleges and Universities
A. Metrick, C. Avery, M. E. Glickman & C. Hoxby
The Quarterly Journal of Economics
A Review of IPO Activity, Pricing and Allocations
I. Welch and J. Ritter
A scale distortion theory of anchoring
S. Frederick & D. Mochon
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
A scorecard for indexed government debt
J. Y. Campbell and R. J. Shiller
MIT press
NBER Macroeconomics Annual 1996, Volume 11
A Scott-Type Regression Test of the Dividend Ratio Model
R. J. Shiller
The Review of Economics and Statistics
A Search Model of Aggregate Demand for Liquidity and Safety
J. Shen and H. Yan
December 2013
A Simple Decentralized Institution for Learning Competitive Equilibrium
S. Sunder, S. Crockett, and S. Spear
A Simple, Consistent Estimator for Disturbance Components in Financial Models
J. Levinsohn and J. K. MacKie-Mason
The Review of Economics and Statistics
A simulation model of capital budgeting under uncertainty
R. C. Salazar and S. K. Sen
Management Science
A sophisticated assault on global capitalism
Jeffrey E. Garten
Business Week
A spatial model of housing returns and neighborhood substitutability
W. N. Goetzmann and M. Spiegel
The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics
A statistical review of the literature concerning the self-serving attribution bias in interpersonal influence situations
R. Arkin, H. Cooper and T. Kolditz
Journal of Personality
A study of the tournament model with female managers
A. E. Hurley and J. A. Sonnenfeld
Women in Management Review
A survey of behavioral finance
N. Barberis and R. Thaler
Handbook of the Economics of Finance
A Temporal View of the Costs and Benefits of Self-Deception
Z Chance, MI Norton, F Gino and D. Ariely
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
A Textbook Example of International Price Discrimination
C. Cabolis, S. Clerides, I. Ioannou, and D. Senft
A theoretical and empirical investigation of the dual purpose funds: An application of contingent-claims analysis
J. E. Ingersoll Jr
Journal of Financial Economics