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Banks, banking, and crises
G. Gorton
NBER Reporter Online
Bar graphs depicting averages are perceptually misinterpreted: The within-the-bar bias
G. E. Newman and B. J. Scholl
Psychonomic bulletin & review
Barriers to entry, brand advertising, and generic entry in the US pharmaceutical industry
F. M. Scott Morton
International Journal of Industrial Organization
Baseline, placebo, and treatment: efficient estimation for three-group experiments
A. S. Gerber, D. P. Green, E. H. Kaplan and H. L. Kern
Political Analysis
Batch Sizing in Mixed-Model Assembly Lines with Finite Buffers
A. Jain and L. Fuxman
Batching and Sequencing for Stockless Production in Mixed-Model Assembly Lines
A. Jain
Bayesian beliefs with stochastic monotonicity: An extension of Machina and Schmeidler
S. Grant and B. Polak
Journal of Economic Theory
Bayesian decision analysis and uncertainty in fisheries management
R. M. Peterman, C. N. Peters, C. A. Robb and S. W. Frederick
Springer Netherlands
Reinventing fisheries management
Bayesian equilibrium in double auctions populated by biased heuristic traders
K. Jamal and S. Sunder
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
Bayesian Racism: A Modern Expression of Contemporary Prejudice In F. Columbus (Ed.)
V. L. Brescoll and E. L. Uhlmann
Nova Scientific Publishers
Psychology of Stereotypes
Beauty is in the Bid of the Beholder: An Empirical Basis for Style
W. N. Goetzmann, J. Walden, M. M. Maggioni, and P. W. Jones
Behavioral Biases Meet the Market: The Case of Magazine Subscription Prices
S. M. Oster and F. M. Scott Morton
Advances in Economic Analysis & Policy
Behavioral economics and institutional innovation
R. Shiller
Southern Economic Journal
Behavioral economics perspectives on public sector pension plans
J. Beshears, J. J. Choi, D. Laibson and B. C. Madrian
Journal of Pension Economics and Finance
Behavioral Factors in Mutual Fund Flows
G. Rouwenhorst, W. Goetzmann, and M. Massa
Being valued and devalued at work: A social valuing perspective
J.E. Dutton, G. Debebe & A. Wrzesniewski
Information Age Publishing
Qualitative Organizational Research
Beliefs in afterlife as a by-product of persistence judgments
G. E. Newman, S. V. Blok and L. J. Rips
Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Benzodiazepine Use in the United States
M. Olfson, M. King, and M. Schoenbaum
Best Prices: Price Discrimination and Consumer Substitution
J. A. Chevalier and A. Kashyap
Better to give and to compete? Prosocial and competitive motives as interactive predictors of citizenship behaviors
M. T. Cardador & A. Wrzesniewski