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What you don't know won't hurt me: Costly (but quiet) exit in dictator games
J. Dana, D. M. Cain and R. M. Dawes
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes
When are Prefered Shared Preferred? Theory and Empirical Evidence
V. Pons-Sanz, S. Zuta, I. Venezia, S. A. Ravid, and A. Ofer
When Contradictions Foster Persuasion: An Attributional Perspective
T. Reich and Z. Tormala
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
When do bidders purchase a toehold? Theory and Tests
A. Bris
When do incidental mood effects last? Lay beliefs versus actual effects
A. Pocheptsova and N. Novemsky
Journal of Consumer Research
When is it Better To Be Bad? Schema-Congruency Effects in Moral Evaluations of Products
G. E. Newman and J. Danilowitz
When it Can be Good to Burn your Boats
Financial Times Mastering Strategy Series
When knowledge is not enough: HIV/AIDS information and risky behavior in Botswana
J. Levinsohn, T. Dinkelman, and R. Majelantle
When managers cover their posteriors: Making the decisions the market wants to see
A. Brandenburger and B. Polak
The RAND Journal of Economics
When More Is Less: Construal Level and the Effects of Secondary Benefits on Pro-social Motivations
K. Goldsmith, G. E. Newman & R.Dhar
When shopbots meet emails: Implications for price competition on the internet
Y. Chen and K. Sudhir
Quantitative Marketing and Economics
When Sunlight Fails to Disinfect: Understanding the Perverse Effects of Disclosing Conflicts of Interest
D. M. Cain, G. Loewenstein and D. A. Moore
Journal of Consumer Research
When Thinking Beats Doing: The Role of Optimistic Expectations in Goal-Based Choice
Y. Zhang, A. Fishbach and R. Dhar
Journal of Consumer Research
When to Fire Customers: Customer Cost-Based Pricing
J. Shin, K. Sudhir and D.-H. Yoon
Management Science
When to Fire Customers? Customer Cost Based Pricing
J. Shin, K. Sudhir and D. Yoon
Management Science
Where is the essence? Developmental shifts in children's beliefs about internal features
G. E. Newman and F. C. Keil
Child development
Where there is a way, is there a will? The effect of future choices on self-control
U. Khan and R. Dhar
Journal of Experimental Psychology-General
Where’s the essence? Developmental shifts in children’s beliefs about internal features
G. E. Newman & F. C. Keil
Child Development
Which Institutional Investors Monitor? Evidence from Acquisition Activity
L. Qiu
Who Donates Their Bodies to Science? The Combined Role of Gender and Migration Status among California Whole - Body Donors
A. Asad, M. Anteby, and F. Garip.
Social Science & Medicine