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The relationship between state and federal tax audits
J. Alm, B. Erard and J. S. Feinstein
University of Chicago Press
Empirical foundations of household taxation
The relative sophistication of Chinese exports
P. K. Schott
Economic Policy
The remarkable multidimensionality in the cross section of expected US stock returns
F. Zhang, J. Green & J. Hand
The road taken: Origins and evolution of employment systems in emerging companies
J. N. Baron, M. D. Burton and M. T. Hannan
Industrial and Corporate Change
The Role of Beta and Size in the Cross-Section of European Stock Returns
S. L. Heston, G. Rouwenhorst and R. E. Wessels
European Financial Management
The Role of Hedge Funds in the Security Price Formation Process
W.N. Goetzmann, C. Cao, Y. Chen, and B. Liang
The role of inference in anchoring effects
S. Frederick, D. Mochon, and J. Danilowitz
The role of moral sentiments and audit perceptions in tax compliance
B. Erard and J. S. Feinstein
Public Finance
The Role of Reservation Wages in Youth Unemployment in Cape Town, South Africa: A Structural Approach
J. Levinsohn, J. McCrary, and T. Pugatch
The role of selling costs in signaling price image
J. Shin
Journal of Marketing Research
The role of the situation in leadership
V. H. Vroom and A. G. Jago
American Psychologist
The Rules of Attraction
S. Frederick, L. Lee & E. Baskin
Journal of Marketing Research
The S&P Inclusion Effect: A New Assessment
R. G. Ibbotson, R. W. Click, P. D. Kaplan, and L. B. Siegel
The Safe-Asset Share
G. B. Gorton, S. Lewellen and A. Metrick
American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings
The safety regulation of US nuclear power plants: Violations, inspections, and abnormal occurrences
J. S. Feinstein
The Journal of Political Economy
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Making of Quack Corporate Governance
R. Romano
Yale Law Journal
The Second Nuclear Age: Strategy, Danger, and the New Power Politics
P. Bracken
Times Books
The shopping momentum effect
R. Dhar, J. Huber and U. Khan
Journal of Marketing Research
The significance of the market portfolio
S. G. Athanasoulis and R. J. Shiller
Review of Financial Studies
The single family home in the investment portfolio
W. N. Goetzmann
The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics