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The Promise and Pitfalls of Employer-Linked Job Training for Disadvantaged Workers
K. Cooney
Administration in Social Work
The Pros and Cons of Entering a Market
Financial Times Mastering Strategy Series
The psychology of intertemporal discounting: Why are distant events valued differently from proximal ones?
D. Soman, G. Ainslie, S. Frederick, X. Li, J. Lynch, P. Moreau, A. Mitchell, D. Read, A. Sawyer and Y. Trope
Marketing Letters
The Psychology of Tail Events: Progress and Challenges
N. Barberis
American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings
The psychophysics of chasing: A case study in the perception of animacy
T. Gao, G. E. Newman and B. J. Scholl
Cognitive psychology
The Purpose of Purpose: Obligation and Identity in Employment Relationships
J. N. Baron
The q-Theory Approach to Understanding the Accrual Anomaly
J. G. Wu, L. Zhang and X. Zhang
Journal of Accounting Research
The Ratings Game: Asymmetry in Classification
D. M. Waguespack and O. Sorenson
Organization Science
The Rationally Shrinking Union
B. Nalebuff and R. Sansing
Economics & Politics
The Red Queen in organizational creation and development
W. P. Barnett and O. Sorenson
Industrial and Corporate Change
The relation between forward prices and futures prices
J. C. Cox, J. E. Ingersoll Jr and S. A. Ross
Journal of Financial Economics
The relationship between individual expectations and behaviors: Mortality expectations and smoking decisions
A. Khwaja, F. Sloan and S. Chung
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
The relationship between socioeconomic status and health: a review of the literature
J. S. Feinstein
The Milbank Quarterly
The relationship between state and federal tax audits
J. Alm, B. Erard and J. S. Feinstein
University of Chicago Press
Empirical foundations of household taxation
The relative sophistication of Chinese exports
P. K. Schott
Economic Policy
The remarkable multidimensionality in the cross section of expected US stock returns
F. Zhang, J. Green & J. Hand
The road taken: Origins and evolution of employment systems in emerging companies
J. N. Baron, M. D. Burton and M. T. Hannan
Industrial and Corporate Change
The Role of Beta and Size in the Cross-Section of European Stock Returns
S. L. Heston, G. Rouwenhorst and R. E. Wessels
European Financial Management
The Role of Hedge Funds in the Security Price Formation Process
W.N. Goetzmann, C. Cao, Y. Chen, and B. Liang
The role of inference in anchoring effects
S. Frederick, D. Mochon, and J. Danilowitz