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Friend or Foe: Who gets punished more for norm violations?
From Buddha to the Boardroom: Leadership Education and the Four Pillars of Courageous Leadership
From Ideals to Institutions: Institutional Entrepreneurship in Small Business Credit in Mexico
R. Canales
From Loss Aversion to Loss Acceptance: How Casino Contexts Can Undermine Loss Aversion
N. Novemsky and J. P. Simmons
Fundamental analysis and option returns
F. Zhang, T. Goodman, and M. Neamtiu
Gaming and Strategic Opacity in Incentive Provision
F. Ederer, R. Holden, and M. Meyer
Gender Difference in the Effects of Vocational Training: Constraints on Women and Drop-out Behavior
A. M. Mobarak, Y. Cho, V. Orozco & D. Kalomba
Gender Differences in Preferences, Intra-household Externalities and Low Demand for Improved Cookstoves
A. M. Mobarak & G. Miller
Geography, joint choices and the reproduction of gender inequality
O. Sorenson and M. S. Dahl
Getting what you want and wanting what you get? The impact of prospective plans and past employment on job search outcomes
C. Tschopp & A. Wrzesniewski
Global Antitrust Enforcement
E. A. Snyder and P. Cremieux
Global Antitrust Enforcement
E. A. Snyder & P. Cremieux
Global Market and Funding Liquidity Risk Across Asset Classes
T. J. Moskowitz, M. Niessner, and L.H. Pedersen
Global real estate markets: cycles and fundamentals
G. Rouwenhorst, B. Case, and W. N. Goetzmann
Go Down Fighting: Short Sellers vs. Firms
O. A. Lamont
Good Stewards, Cheap Talkers, or Family Men? The Impact of Mutual Fund Closures on Fund Managers, Flows, Fees, and Performance
A. Bris, H. Gulen, P. Kadiyala, and P. R. Rau
Governance Mechanisms and Bond Prices
M. Cremers, V. B. Nair, and C. Wei
Governance Practices Among nonprofit Organizations Contracting with New York City
S. M. Oster
Government Support for Intermittent Renewable Generation Technologies
A. Campbell
Granularity, Time and Control of Economic Resources
S. Sunder, R. Balakrishnan, and K. Sivaramakrishnan