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Discretionary disclosure in the presence of moral hazard
T. Versano
Discretionary disclosure in the presence of moral hazard
T. Versano
Dismissing Decision Tasks: The Optimality of the M-Shaped Structure
S. Alizamir, F. de Vericourt and P. Sun
Dispersion of opinions and stock returns. Evidence from index investors
W. N. Goetzmann
Distance, Language, and Culture Bias: The Role of Investor Sophistication
M. Grinblatt and M. Keloharju
Do Individual Investors Learn from Their Trading Experience?
G. Nicolosi, L. Peng, and N. Zhu
Do Insider Trading Laws Work?
A. Bris
Do Investors Perceive Marking-to-Model as Marking-to-Myth? Early Evidence from FAS 157 Disclosure
K. S. Kolev
Do Monetary Incentives Crown-Out Intrinsic Motivation? A Field Test in the Workplace
C. Esteves-Sorenson, R. Macera, and R. Broce
Do Sympathy Biases Affect Charitable Giving? Evidence from a Large Scale Natural Field Experiment
K. Sudhir, S. Roy & M. Cherian
Do Winners Repeat with Style?
R. G. Ibbotson and A. Patel
Does Aggregated Returns Disclosure Increase Portfolio Risk-Taking?
J. J. Choi, J. Beshears, D. Laibson, and B. C. Madrian
Does arbitrage flatten demand curves for stocks?
J. Wurgler and E. V. Zharavskaya
Does Confidential Proxy Voting Matter?
R. Romano
Does Demand or Supply Constrain Investment in Education? Evidence from Garment Sector Growth and a Female Stipend Program in Bangladesh
A. M. Mobarak & R. Heath
Does Raising Store Brand Share Hurt Store Loyalty?
K. Sudhir, S. Sreenivasan, and D. Talukdar
Does Skin in the Game Matter? Director Incentives and Governance in the Mutual Fund Industry
M. Cremers, J. Driessen, P. Maenhout, and D. Weinbaum
Does Stock Ownership Breadth Measure Hidden Negative Information or Sentiment
H. Yan, J. Choi, and L. Jin
Does the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Have a Future?
R. Romano
Dual Character Concepts and the Normative Dimension of Conceptual Representation
J. Knobe, S. Prasada & G. E. Newman