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Understanding Financial Crises
G. B. Gorton
Understanding Inflation-Indexed Bond Markets
R. J. Shiller, J. Y. Campbell, and L. M. Viceira
Using Neural Data to Test A Theory of Investor Behavior: An Application to Realization Utility
C. Frydman, N. Barberis, C. Camerer, P. Bossaerts, and A. Rangel
Journal of Finance
Value Judgments and the true self
G. E. Newman, J. Knobe & P. Bloom
Value of the Firm: Who Gets the Goodies
S. Sunder
Vietnam's Textile & Clothing Exports to the U.S. Under OTEXA Monitoring
P. K. Schott
Volatility vs. Tail Risk: Which One is Compensated in Equity Funds
J. Xiong and R. Ibbotson
Weather-Induced Mood, Institutional Investors, and Stock Returns
W. N. Goetzmann , D. Kim, A. Kumar and Q. Wang
September 2013
Weird science: Markets, motives and misconduct in academic research
J.N. Baron, M. King and O. Sorenson
What Do We Really Know About the Cross-Sectional Relation Between Past and Expected Returns?
M. Grinblatt and T. J. Moskowitz
What is Taught in Core Micro Courses at Top U.S. Doctoral Economics Programs: Overlap and Diversity
J. S. Feinstein and A. Campbell
What Makes Autonomous Magagement Do Well?: Corporate Governance Without External Controls
S. Hirota and K. Kawamura
What Makes Investors Trade?
M. Grinblatt and M. Keloharju
What Would We Eat if We Knew More: The Implications of a Large-Scale Change in Nutrition Labeling
J. Abaluck
When are Prefered Shared Preferred? Theory and Empirical Evidence
V. Pons-Sanz, S. Zuta, I. Venezia, S. A. Ravid, and A. Ofer
When do bidders purchase a toehold? Theory and Tests
A. Bris
When is it Better To Be Bad? Schema-Congruency Effects in Moral Evaluations of Products
G. E. Newman and J. Danilowitz
When knowledge is not enough: HIV/AIDS information and risky behavior in Botswana
J. Levinsohn, T. Dinkelman, and R. Majelantle
When More Is Less: Construal Level and the Effects of Secondary Benefits on Pro-social Motivations
K. Goldsmith, G. E. Newman & R.Dhar
Which Institutional Investors Monitor? Evidence from Acquisition Activity
L. Qiu