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Are Some Mutual Fund Managers Better Than Others
J. Chevalier and G. Ellison
Cross% Sectional Patterns in Behavior and Performance, nJournal of Finance
Are Some Mutual Fund Managers Better Than Others? Cross-Sectional Patterns in Behavior and Performance
J. Chevalier and G. Ellison
The journal of finance
Are the Doors Revolving or Still Locked Shut?
J. N. Baron
Contemporary Sociology: An International Journal of Reviews
Are unmanaged earnings always better for shareholders?
A. Arya, S. Sunder and J. Glover
Accounting Horizons
Are Women Overinvesting in Education? Evidence from the Medical Profession
K. Chen and J. A. Chevalier
Journal of Human Capital
Arithmetic repeat sales price estimators
R. J. Shiller
Journal of Housing Economics
Arne L. Kalleberg: Good Jobs, Bad Jobs: The Rise of Polarized and Precarious Employment Systems in the United States, 1970s to 2000s
J. N. Baron
Administrative Science Quarterly
Art and Authenticity: The Importance of Originals in Judgments of Value
G. E. Newman and P. Bloom
Journal of Experimental Psychology-General
Art and Money
W. N. Goetzmann, L. Renneboog, and C. Spaenjers
American Economic Review
Asia and the new economic order
Jeffrey E. Garten
Far Eastern Economic Review
Ask and Ye Shall Receive? "The Effects of Gender and Status on Managers’ Responses to Employees’ Requests for Flexible Work Schedules
Victoria Brescoll, J. Glass and A. Sedlovskaya
Journal of Social Issues
Ask and ye shall receive? The dynamics of employer provided flexible work options and the need for public policy
V. L. Brescoll, J. Glass and A. Sedlovskaya
Journal of Social Issues
Assessing the Competitive Interaction between Private Labels and National Brands*
R. W. Cotterill, J. Putsis, William P and R. Dhar
The Journal of Business
Assessing the feasibility and impact of federal childhood obesity policies
V. L. Brescoll, R. Kersh and K. D. Brownell
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Assessing the impact of antidrug advertising on adolescent drug consumption: results from a behavioral economic model
L. G. Block, V. G. Morwitz, W. P. Putsis Jr and S. K. Sen
American Journal of Public Health
Asymmetric competition in B2B spot markets
H. Etzion and E. J. Pinker
Production and Operations Management
Asymmetric equilibria in the war of attrition
B. Nalebuff and J. Riley
Journal of Theoretical Biology
Asymmetric information and collusive behavior in auction markets
J. S. Feinstein, M. K. Block and F. C. Nold
The American Economic Review
Asymmetric Information and Disclosure Rules
M. Spiegel & A. Subrahmanyam
Journal of Financial Intermediation
Asymmetric Information between Employers
L. B. Kahn
American Economic Journal: Applied