Develop your leadership skills and learn about the value of an MBA

The Global Pre-MBA Leadership Program will develop your practical knowledge of business and management in a global context, and inspire you to draw upon your leadership abilities in order to make a positive impact in your personal and professional endeavors. We introduce you to the impact of management education and give you the tools necessary to hone your individual leadership skills.

Through the intensive two week program, I learned a ton, inside and outside the classroom. As we worked through cases, I was able to connect the practicality of the information to real life scenarios. The addition of global perspectives enhanced class discussion and case analysis…I was able to get a clear picture of the value proposition of Yale: that it is serious about its mission, that it is the most connected with its home university, and that it is the most global business school in the world.  -Mario Antwine '15

Leadership and Impact

The Global Pre-MBA Leadership Program grows out of Yale SOM's mission to educate leaders for business and society. We help you build your leadership skills and capacity, so that you can build a successful career that has a positive impact on your community and the broader world.

Global Diversity

A central mission of the program is to expose students to global diversity. By meeting students from the United States and around the world, typically under-represented in management education, all participants will gain an understanding of the complexities within and between societies, a critical element of leadership in today’s flatter, but nonconvergent, world.

One of the best parts of the program was the diversity and type of people in the classroom. I did not expect to get as close as I did to the many smart people selected to be in the program. We laughed, struggled, and learned together which really allowed me to appreciate how important it was to expose myself to people from different backgrounds and cultures.

– A Student from the Class of 2013