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After a year of study in a master in management (or equivalent) degree program at a Global Network for Advanced Management school, students spend a year at Yale SOM in the Global Business and Society (GBS) program. The centerpiece of the program is the Global Business & Society Perspective course, which brings together Yale faculty from a variety of disciplines. Through a series of Yale case studies, students will learn to integrate tools from each of those management disciplines while tackling complex problems at the nexus of business and society. 

Program Structure

  • Format

    Full-time, residential
  • Language

  • Program Starts

  • Duration

    9 months
  • Location

    Yale School of Management,
    New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A


Over the course of one academic year, students complete a slate of required and specialized courses focused on the biggest issues facing business and society.


Students will pursue 16 units of required advanced management coursework that covers strategy, negotiation, accounting, operations, finance, and leadership.


Students will pursue 16 units of electives across Yale SOM and Yale.


The Yale GBS program will be taught by the same faculty who teach across Yale SOM’s degree programs. They are leaders in behavioral science, finance, strategy, operations, and other business disciplines. SOM faculty are also notable for an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to both teaching and research that ultimately helps students better understand real world challenges. Learn more about SOM faculty.

When you bring great faculty and smart, motivated, diverse students together, extraordinary learning can happen. Students play an important role in Yale's distinctive approach to management education that is centered on ‘perspective taking.’ Building on the foundational skills students will have learned in their Global Network master in management program, and leveraging their diverse backgrounds, leading Yale faculty will challenge GBS students to look at complex problems from multiple angles. The curriculum includes several required advanced courses in which SOM faculty will familiarize students with the most recent, research-backed management thinking and practice. Students can also personalize their learning journey by choosing from almost 100 electives at SOM and more than 500 across Yale University.David Bach
Deputy Dean & Professor in the Practice of Management

Yale SOM classroom