Adebayo Alonge MAM ’16

Post-MAM Position: Boston Consulting Group – Nigeria

At Yale, you have access to networks within networks.

I worked for nearly six years in my home country of Nigeria as a pharmaceutical sales representative before I started my own life sciences company. I realized then I wanted to find a way to use venture capital to catalyze change—social change—in developing nations across Africa.

I had a foundation from my MBA program at Lagos Business School, where I specialized in finance and strategy, but I wanted to take my knowledge to another level. When I first visited Yale SOM, I fell in love with its approach: balancing where business leaders can optimize performance while bringing about social change.

The Master of Advanced Management (MAM) program challenges you to create your own path. I’ve taken classes on managing social enterprises, private equity, and entrepreneurial finance. Through the connection to the university, I’ve broadened my knowledge about topics I find interesting and relevant to what I want to do in the future. I took a class in African anthropology, and even though I am African, it helped me to contextualize events within an academic framework and see more about the impact of colonialism across the continent. I also took a course on modern media and rhetoric at the School of Drama, which used the basics of ancient Greek theater to boost my public speaking skills. 

At Yale, you have access to networks within networks. As an MAM, I have access to not only Yale, but also to the Global Network for Advanced Management, which has provided me with a chance to expand my network beyond Nigeria and Africa. One of the most helpful people I met was Robert Bettigole ’83, the managing partner of Elm Street Ventures—he’s helped me think about the entrepreneurship ecosystem here in the United States and in Nigeria. He’s even connected me with a number of resource persons. I’ve been able to learn from each leader I’ve met, and now I can see ways I can apply their lessons to the startup hubs in Africa. The whole experience has made me want to scale up the impact of what I want to do.  

Interviewed on February 4, 2016.

Adebayo Alonge

Post-MAM Position: Boston Consulting Group – Nigeria