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September 7, 2010

Executive Summary: First years, please attend the Internship Fund's kick-off meeting on Wednesday September 8th, in A74 (where you regularly meet the awesome Prof. Amy W) at 4:30pm. On the IF, you will support a number of your friends' internships and a remarkable array of wonderful organizations; form enduring relationships with every SOM constituency; and plan the most anticipated events of SOM's social calendar.

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April 5, 2010

My rewarding first year at SOM owes no small debt to our Internship Fund. Managed by first-years, the Internship Fund has always generated the enthusiastic support of the entire SOM community to raise money for students who seek funding for non-profit, public or social enterprise sector internships. It is one of SOM’s proudest traditions, displaying in full force our values of societal service, leadership and, quite simply, looking out for each other. Our Fund team started the year with trepidation.

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