Our Faculty

The following Yale SOM faculty members participated in the 2014 Global Pre-MBA Leadership Program:

Rick Antle, William S. Beinecke Professor of Accounting
Nicholas C. Barberis, Stephen & Camille Schramm Professor of Finance
James N. Baron, William S. Beinecke Professor of Management
Heidi Brooks, Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behavior
Rodrigo Canales, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Judith A. Chevalier, William S. Beinecke Professor of Finance and Economics
Florian Ederer, Assistant Professor of Economics
Ahmed Khwaja, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Marissa D. King, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Mushfiq Mobarak, Associate Professor of Economics
Arthur J. Swersey, Professor of Operations Research
Jacob Thomas, Williams Brothers Professor of Accounting and Finance
Heather E. Tookes, Professor of Finance



Community Profiles

Student Profile
Clifford Emmanuel ’15
Internship: Google
“I saw a lot of power when the public and private sectors came together to create solutions.”
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Faculty Profile
Professor Shane Frederick
Professor of Marketing
What we’re finding is that in many ways, people don’t act entirely rationally when they are making economic decisions.
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Student Profile
Tyler Van Leeuwen ’14
Post-MBA Position: Royal Dutch Shell
“I’m really here to learn how we can wrap management around smart climate practice.”
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