Job Market Candidates

Yale School of Management PhD students on the job market in 2014-2015.

Sriya Anbil

Dissertation Committee: Heather Tookes (Co-Chair), Gary Gorton (Co-Chair), Andrew Metrick, Justin Murfin
Research Interests: Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation
Job Market Paper Title: “Managing Stigma During a Crisis”
Sriya Anbil’s Website

Wenxi Jiang

Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Barberis (Co-Chair), William Goetzmann (Co-Chair), Harrison Hong (Princeton), Hongjun Yan
Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Investment, Financial Intermediaries
Job Market Paper Title: “Leveraged Speculators and Asset Prices”
Wenxi Jiang’s Website

Lawrence J. Jin

Dissertation Committee: Jonathan E. Ingersoll, Jr. (Chair), Nicholas C. Barberis, Andrei Shleifer (Harvard), Robin M. Greenwood (Harvard)
Research Interests: Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Institutional Frictions, Financial Intermediaries, Household Finance
Job Market Paper Title: “A Speculative Asset Pricing Model of Financial Instability”
Lawrence J. Jin’s Website

Peter Kelly

Dissertation Committee: Nicholas Barberis (Chair), Andrew Metrick, Justin Murfin, and Ian Ayres
Research Interests: Behavioral Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, Empirical Corporate Finance
Job Market Paper Title: “The Information Content of Realized Losses”
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