Tracks of Study

Slates of elective courses you may want to take if you are interested in...


Transportation and the Urban Future
Commercialization Technologies 
Energy Markets Strategy
Energy Systems Analysis
Greening Business Operations 
Technology, Society and the Environment
Management and the Environment
Financing Green Technologies
Financial Engineering
Investment Management
Fixed Income Security Analysis
Financial Analysis and Management
Law and Economics of Corporate Control
Financial History
Operating a Hedge Fund
Risk Management


Commercialization of Technologies
Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
Intellectual Property
Operating a Hedge Fund
Global Social Entrepreneurship
Listening to the Consumer
Managing Marketing Programs
Behavioral Perspectives on Marketing
Pricing Strategy
Design and Marketing of New Products
Consumer Behavior


Global Economy
Public Sector Economics
Capital Markets
Doing Business in the Developing World
Evolution of Central Banking
International Economics
Capitalism as a Political Order
Interpersonal Dynamics
General Management
Navigating Organizations
Managing Strategic Networks
Insight to Outcome
Negotiations: Beyond Win-Win
Management Leadership and Literature
Remedying Corporate Governance for the Next Crisis


*These lists are subject to change based on electives offered at Yale SOM.