Multiply the value of your MBA.

Deepen your expertise and gain a new perspective on the major challenges facing business leaders. MAM students participate in a required series of courses and discussions oriented around major trends in global business and the role of business leaders in today's society. They also customize their experience by choosing electives from throughout Yale University.

Join in a seminar discussion with leading Yale faculty about climate change, the impact of corruption in developing economies, and the nature of leadership. Ask the head of a major global company about leadership challenges. MAM students take a series of tailored core courses that are fundamentally a conversation about the big issues in global business.

MAM students take the equivalent of five courses each semester. Four are electives chosen from throughout Yale and one is made up of the combined MAM core classes. Core classes provide deep insights into global business trends and challenges. Elective choices allow you to personalize your study and advance your professional interests.

Leadership Thinking & Practice

You will learn the latest leadership knowledge in the classroom and in the Advanced Leadership Development Program.

Global Challenges Seminar

Each year, MAM students engage in a series of intensive discussions with Yale faculty about the major issues facing business leaders today.