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February 23, 2014

Professor Art Swersey throws the ball up for tipoff Spirited competition is a big part of life at SOM.  Not only do we have a running year-long competition between the four cohorts known as “Cohort Cup”, but we also have the 4029 cup, a series of athletic contests in which first years compete against second years (note: 2014 +2015 = 4029; next year we’ll have the 4031 cup, 2015 + 2016 = 4031). Unlike Cohort Cup, in which each cohort has the ability to accumulate points with individual competitions over the course of the year, 4029 events are all about pride.

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November 13, 2013

2015 Blue Cohort The cohort experience is fundamental to one’s first year at SOM.  After the class is admitted, each of us is carefully placed into one of four “statistically indistinguishable” cohorts – Blue, Silver, Green, or Gold – of about 70 people each.  The cohort is primarily an academic construct – we attend every class of the core together in the first year and spend a great deal of time with one another preparing assignments after class hours.  But the cohort experience at SOM reaches far beyond the classroom in its ability to shape the larger Yale SOM experience.

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