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You need to understand in detail how markets and organizations work. But you also need to develop the broad awareness and elevated perspective to see how business decisions affect complex systems—from a company and industry to an economy and society.

How do you learn to spot the microscopic, but critical, detail while keeping the big picture in focus?

The Yale MBA core curriculum is unique in how it ties together the pieces of a business school education into a meaningful whole. The core curriculum is carefully planned to cover all the business fundamentals, while expanding your understanding of the whole organization, eventually building to complex decisions impacting multiple stakeholders across private and public realms. The core is followed by a set of advanced management courses and courses in your chosen area of focus. In addition, you complete an independent study project supervised by a Yale professor, making the program uniquely valuable to you and your organization.

  • Orientation to Management

    A series of foundational courses teaches you the skills and language you will need in any career in business and management.

    Managing Groups and Teams Modeling Managerial Decisions
    Basics of Accounting Probability Modeling and Statistics
    Introduction to Negotiation Basics of Economics
  • Organizational Perspectives

    Courses that look at how organizations really work with their many constituencies. Drawing on expertise form all the traditional business school disciplines, these courses teach you what you need to know to lead a thriving organization. Many of the class sessions are team taught by faculty who bring diverse perspectives to the questions under discussion.

    Competitor Operations Engine
    Customer The Global Macroeconomy
    Investor Innovator
    Sourcing and Managing Funds State and Society

    Classroom Videos

    Professor Nicholas C. Barberis explains how behavioral research has improved our understanding of market dynamics.

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  • Global Study

    There are several global study opportunities for students through the Global Network of Advanced Management. The Network is comprised of 27 business schools from around the world and connects each member school with diverse regions, countries, cultures and economies in different phases of development.  Members of the Class of 2017 will have the opportunity to attend the first EMBA Global Network Week.  Participation will be optional for the Class of 2017 and will become a required part of the Yale EMBA curriculum for future classes.

  • Integrated Management Perspectives

    You've learned how to analyze data. You've learned about working in teams. You've learned what makes organizations thrive. You've learned about the big trends in the global marketplace. Now you need to put it all together. Integrated Management Perspectives uses a series of original Yale SOM "raw" cases to look at real organizational dilemmas and the complex challenges involved in leading a contemporary business.

  • Advanced Management Courses

    In your second year, you'll learn from Yale experts on the following subjects:

    Corporate Finance Competitive Strategy
    Entrepreneurship Managerial Controls
    Financial Reporting  


  • Areas of Focus

    Starting in the first year of the program, you build depth of insight into your chosen area of focus through participation in an industry colloquium, which brings leaders to campus for frank and far-reaching conversations. In the second year, you build on your foundation of business knowledge with a series of advanced courses examining challenges in your area of focus, whether healthcare, asset management, or sustainability.

  • Independent Study

    A year-long course that allows you to pursue a subject of professional interest. In the past, students have taken electives from around Yale University, done faculty-supervised consulting projects for companies or nonprofit organizations, or even designed and launched a new business.