Leadership Development Program

Yale University has a long history of producing leaders attuned to the global ramifications of their actions and devoted to improving society at large. 

The Yale SOM Leadership Development Program spans the portfolio of master's degree programs at Yale SOM, including the Full-time MBA, MBA for Executives, and Master of Advanced Management. It is intensive, lasting throughout students' time at the school, and designed to integrate with their overall course of study.

Leadership Thinking and Practice

Through coursework, hands-on experience, and practice giving and receiving feedback, the LDP develops skills on four levels:

  1. Individual Level
    Examples: Values and leadership commitments, knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses
  2. Interpersonal/Team Level
    Examples: Giving/receiving feedback, emotional intelligence, communication, diversity
  3. Organizational Level
    Examples: Developing and implementing vision and strategy, organizational design and organizational culture
  4. Global Level
    Examples: Building and sustaining community, ethics, social responsibility and accountability, cultural awareness

The program is designed to be:

  • Personalized. The LDP helps you advance your leadership goals. You build up your own leadership plan, which could include a leadership role at the school, starting your own venture, or working with a community organization, and then act on it. You make use of a unique assessment tool that is designed just for you to measure your progress.
  • Highly global. Leadership demands and practices vary across cultures. A formulaic approach to leadership will fail those interested in working in varied regions or in highly global organizations. The highly customized nature of LDP enable you to prepare to lead across boundaries.
  • Engaged with Yale. Through the LDP, many students extend their engagement with Yale University, working with undergraduate clubs or Yale affiliation and outreach groups, for example.
  • Integrated with your studies. The LDP advances in step with the academic curriculum, providing you with opportunites to reflect on the leadership questions and lessons encountered in the classroom.
LDP Faculty

James N. Baron is the William S. Beinecke Professor of Management. His research interests include human resources; organizational design and behavior; and work, labor markets, and careers.

Victoria L. Brescoll is an associate professor of organizational behavior whose research focuses on the impact of stereotypes on individuals' status and power within organizations.

Heidi Brooks is a senior lecturer in organizational behavior. She specializes in leadership and community development for individuals, organizations, and larger systems.

Amy Wrzesniewski is a professor of organizational behavior whose research focuses on how people make meaning of their work in difficult contexts and the experience of work as a job, career, or calling.

leadership coaches

Sarah Biggerstaff specializes in leadership development for individuals and organizations, including executive coaching and consulting to organizations across multiple sectors.

Laurie Kelley has over 20 years’ experience helping Fortune 500 companies, small companies, and not-for-profits engage and align talent to achieve successful business outcomes.

Jennifer Grace Baron has 20 years experience leading talent management and leadership development for companies such as eBay, Hewlett Packard and Johnson & Johnson.

Dorian Baroni is an executive coach, leadership program faculty and organizational advisor. She is a former senior executive with 25 years of global corporate experience.

Deb Busser has facilitated leadership, personal development, and coach training programs in the US, UK, Ireland, Cyprus, and Israel.

Allison Holzer is the chief innovation officer at InspireCorps.com, where she provides professional coaching on topics such as emotional intelligence, applied positive psychology, and affective leadership.

Les Martel is a leadership coach who works with senior leaders and high-potential talent.

Michael Pantalon is a psychologist, motivation and addiction expert, researcher, coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, and author of the business best-seller, Instant Influence.