Edward P. Evans Hall Videos

Look back at the construction of Edward P. Evans Hall, the new home of the Yale School of Management. Take a tour from a student's perspective, peek inside its innovative classrooms, understand the significance of its courtyard, and listen to architect Lord Norman Foster discuss his inspiration for the design of Yale University's newest building. 

Building Edward P. Evans Hall

Sol LeWitt Installations in Edward P. Evans Hall

It's important to understand that these can be done at different sites and each site is somewhat different in the way the work is received...

Jock Reynolds

Installation: Wall Drawing #947: Esther's Piece

Installation: Wall Drawing #1151: Bands of color within squares



The Student Perspective

Here at Evans Hall is this amazing sense of intimacy. It's a huge building, but it feels so much more like a connected, interconnected series of spaces. 

Dennis Tseng ’14


The Classrooms

It will be very easy to have conversations in this space...it's much easier to make the class lively and keep people engaged. That alone brings us into the 21st Century. 

Prof. Stanley Garstka


The Courtyard

The social focus, the identity of the campus is very much about the courtyard...an extension of the classroom. 

Lord Norman Foster


Lord Norman Foster on Edward P. Evans Hall

In this digital world, this is very much a traditional building in the sense that it is very much about communication...an architecture of light, of welcoming.

Lord Norman Foster