No traveling during the Fall Break Week, But Still A Good Break Nonetheless

October 27, 2007

Oh hello again. It seems I've fallen into the habit of allowing multiple weeks to pass by before posting an update, but given the posting frequency of many of my fellow bloggers (i.e. zero posts since my last post in September), I attribute the lack of updates to the simple but undeniable fact - things at school are keeping us all very busy. Things like planning a job trek for the Economic Development Club. Or trying to get speakers to come to a Philanthropy conference happening later in November. Or responding to prospective students over email. Or doing homework and knocking off case after case. Or hanging with friends. Or hitting the gym. Or job stuff... SO Much Job stuff. Of course the end of October marks the annual "Fall Break" for SOM students. For first years, its not a break at all - its a week of exams, and being only one year removed from the whole experience I remember it to be a pretty stressful time. For second years, "Fall Break" usually represents one of two things - either a nice one week vacation, or a week of job related scrambling for those looking for full time employment. For me, break week was the latter of the two options - a week of job related scrambling. Yes indeed, interview season has descended upon the second year community, and its a very common sight to see SOM students scrambling around the building in formal attire, ducking out out of classes early or taking the Metro North to NYC for interviews or information sessions. My job search has been progressing steadily. I've spread a wide net, doing informational interviews, applying to some of the CDO postings, or following up with companies that attended SOM's "Meet the Firms" event. I still don't have anything concrete to report, but I feel optimistic. With a few interviews under my belt and three more interviews scheduled over the next week and a half plus a potential second round lurking around the corner, I feel satisfied with the search so far. Among the second year students there is also a population of happy-go-lucky second years who have already secured a job offer, converting their summer internships into something more permanent. My study group has 3 such lucky people - but oddly enough only 1 chose to travel this week. She spent it in Dubai and will be coming back early next week, and there's no doubt that she's having a good time. I'm jealous. That said, I enjoyed my week off here in New Haven. With some favorable momentum on the job hunt as the main dividend from "Fall Break", it was also a chance to read a couple hundred pages of the final Harry Potter novel (still not finished but very close now), an opportunity to run outside and enjoy the last vestiges of warm weather in New Haven, a streak of good food and dinners with friends, a slew of "24" episodes which brings me within 12 episodes of being completely caught up to the entire series so far, and a period to set up my own agenda and shut my brain down from class related activities. The other only vacation-esque element of my Fall Break was a fun mini-trip to Long Island for wine tasting in the country. Pictures from the day with the usual suspects of the study group are below...


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