Yale SOM Welcomes New Students

More than 350 students in four degree programs are joining the Yale SOM community this fall. The new students include 290 students joining the full-time MBA program, 22 in the MBA for Executives: Leadership in Healthcare program, and 39 in the Master of Advanced Management program, as well as 13 scholars beginning doctoral studies in marketing, accounting, organizations and management, and finance.

The new full-time MBA students, members of the Class of 2015, arrived for Orientation on August 7. As they learn about Yale SOM, they are meeting classmates who are widely diverse and accomplished in a variety of sectors. Members of the class have lived and worked in countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, China, India, Canada, Spain, Egypt, Panama, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Peru, Ghana, Russia, Belgium, Scotland, Philippines, Italy, Venezuela, South Africa, and Costa Rica. They are fluent in dozens of languages, among them Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Bengali.

They’ve worked at top financial firms including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Deutsche Bank; leading consulting firms Deloitte and McKinsey; tech powerhouses Apple and Google; the U.S. and South Korean militaries; Teach for America, the Clinton Health Initiative, and Habitat for Humanity. They include doctors, lawyers, and engineers. They’ve served on political campaigns and as White House staffers. They can share stories of developing arts programs in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, testing malaria control protocols in Liberia, operating an independent record label, and coordinating communications strategy for Yves Saint Laurent.

Their previous adventures include hiking the entire Appalachian Trail and climbing an active volcano in Guatemala. They’ve composed poetry, short stories, and nonfiction. They’ve mastered ballroom dancing, Texas hold ’em poker, and beer brewing. They’ve taken to the stage to perform jazz drumming, ballet, and stand-up comedy.

The numbers confirm that the full-time Class of 2015 is a diverse and accomplished group. The class is 39% women, 32% international students, and 10% U.S. underrepresented minorities. Members of the class have an average college GPA of 3.57 and an average GMAT score of 714.

The 22 new students in the MBA for Executives: Leadership in Healthcare, a program designed for working professionals in the healthcare sector, arrived in late July for Orientation, and wrapped up a two-week residence period on August 9. They’ll return every other weekend for the rest of the academic year.

Members of the Leadership in Healthcare Class of 2015 work in healthcare delivery, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, IT, consulting, finance, hospital administration, and nonprofit management. A research psychiatrist, Wall Street healthcare analyst, vascular surgeon, dentist, medical device engineer, midwife and advocate, and tech entrepreneur are among their ranks. Their diverse leisure pursuits include horseback riding, music, long-distance running, landscape painting, and skiing.

On August 19, 39 students will arrive for Yale SOM’s one-year Master of Advanced Management program. The new MAM class includes MBA students and graduates from 14 schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management who come from 19 different countries. They’ve worked in a wide variety of sectors, from finance to entertainment to education. Their résumés include a finance position at Barclays in London; accounting at the Walt Disney Company in Shanghai; teaching high school in Israel; devising corporate strategy for Hyundai in South Korea; and running a food packaging supply chain company in Ghana.

The hobbies and accomplishments of the members of the MAM Class of 2014 are as varied as their work experiences. The class includes musicians, golf and tennis players, and scuba divers. One student has bicycled through Spain, Egypt, and Italy. One has acted and modeled in South Korea, while another has volunteered at a senior citizens’ facility in India.