Yale SOM Welcomes MBA Class of 2016

Yale SOM's MBA Class of 2016, a diverse group of professionals with accomplishments in many industries and sectors, arrives in New Haven next week.
A global group with roots in countries around the world, this is the largest MBA class ever to enroll at SOM. It includes 323 students, 39% of whom hail from outside the United States. The Class of 2016 is 37% women; underrepresented U.S. minority students make up 13% of the class.  

Among the 46 nations where students hold citizenships are Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, the U.K., France, Germany, Poland, Greece, Slovakia, Turkey, Russia, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia. The many languages spoken by members of the class include Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Serbo-Croatian, Hindi, Romanian, Turkish, and Chinese.

Forty-seven members of the class are enrolled in joint-degree programs, getting their MBAs in combination with degrees in architecture, law, medicine, drama, public health, environmental management, and global affairs.

The students' professional credentials span many industries and the private, social, public, and entrepreneurial sectors. They have worked at financial powerhouse such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and J.P. Morgan; tech companies including Google, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard; and major consulting firms including Bain and McKinsey. Others have worked in organizations as varied as Procter & Gamble, the World Bank, Teach for America, ?What If! Innovation Partners, L'Oreal, Home Depot, Young & Rubicam, and the U.S. State and Treasury departments.

Members of the class include a former engineer on the Canadian Pacific Railway; a former speechwriter for actor James Earl Jones; and one-time producer for the E! Entertainment International network.

Their hobbies and interests are just as diverse. Fitness buffs, musicians, dancers, and mountain climbers are well represented. The class also includes a winemaker, backcountry ski enthusiasts, and a sailor who has navigated the coast of Corsica.

Members of the MBA Class of 2016 arrive on August 18 for Orientation, during which they'll be introduced to the school and their classmates and take part in the first of many group assignments. They'll also get to know students in the Master of Advanced Management Class of 2015, who take elective courses and participate in clubs and other activities alongside their MBA counterparts. MBA students begin their coursework with the first segment of the integrated MBA core curriculum on August 25.