Video: What Skills Are Needed to Lead on Sustainability?

At a panel discussion held on July 21 as part of Global Network Week for Faculty, three experts discussed this question: what skills will businesses need to face the challenges of sustainability in the 21st century?

The panel included corporate social responsibility expert Christine Bader '00; Kevin Moss, who directs CSR efforts at the telecommunications company BT; and Terry F. Yosie, president and CEO of the World Environment Center.

The participants discussed what companies need to do to make sustainability a priority, and how business schools can train the managers who will execute that shift. Both business leaders and educators need to take bold steps to create meaningful changes, Moss said. "People need to be disruptive and they need the resilience to be disruptive," he said. "It involves risk, but it leads to transformational change."

The Global Network for Advanced Management and events like the Global Network Faculty Week are key to training leaders with the ability to address global challenges like sustainability, said Yale SOM dean Ted Snyder in his closing remarks.

"This is not just a conference like any other conference. This is the first Global Network Week for faculty," Snyder said. "The network is a way to get a much better sense of what is going on in the global landscape. Companies are so global now and I think if you don't have a network of the top 27 business schools in the world, you're going to struggle to find a reasonable way to get started on these issues."

Watch the discussion: