U.S. Census Bureau Approves Research Center at Yale

The Center for Economic Studies at the U.S. Census Bureau has approved the establishment of a Branch Research Data Center at Yale University. The Yale branch, generously funded by the Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics at Yale, will open in 2015.

Research Data Centers are Census Bureau facilities where researchers from academia, federal agencies, and other institutions with approved projects receive access to a wide range of unpublished, restricted-use data collected by the Census Bureau, the National Center for Health Statistics, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. These secure facilities are staffed by Census Bureau employees and meet stringent physical and computer security requirements for access to confidential data.

“These datasets are tremendously useful for answering a wide range of questions. Having access to them on campus will make it much easier for Yale faculty and graduate students to incorporate them into their research,” said Peter Schott, professor of economics at the Yale School of Management, who is leading the establishment of the Yale branch.

Professor Schott is among the Yale researchers with approved research projects, along with James Levinsohn, Charles W. Goodyear Professor in Global Affairs, professor of economics and management, and director of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs; Professors Mihsuru Igami, Dan Keniston, Amanda Kowalski, and Joseph Shapiro of the Department of Economics; Sebastian Heise, a doctoral student in economics; and Professor Xiao Xu of the School of Medicine.

The Yale branch is part of the existing New York Census Research Data Center, a consortium of 12 research institutions in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut that includes Columbia University, Cornell University, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Further information about the Census Bureau’s Center for Economic Studies, its datasets, and the process by which researchers can gain access to them is available on its website.