Kazakhstan Government Leaders to Train at the Yale School of Management

New Haven, Conn., March 6, 2006—Twenty-four senior government leaders from the Republic of Kazakhstan will attend an executive development program at the Yale School of Management (Yale SOM) March 6-18, 2006.

The list of distinguished participants includes members from the President’s Office, the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Ministries of Economy and Budget Planning, Energy and Mineral Resources, Regulation of Natural Monopolies, Transport and Communication and the Civil Service Agency, as well as the Governors of ten of the fourteen oblasts (provinces).

The program is designed to enhance the managerial skills of the government officials who are responsible for leading Kazakhstan’s economic growth and social policy. Yale SOM’s senior faculty will teach sessions on topics such as Innovation and Competitiveness; Financial Institutions and Markets, International Currency Risk; Corporate Governance; Leadership; Change Management; Human Resource Management; and Trends in Public Management. The delegation will also receive briefings at the Brookings Institution, the World Bank, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC.

This is the second delegation of Kazakhstan leaders to receive executive training at Yale SOM. A similar two-week program was organized in 2005 for twenty-five vice-ministers from the Kazakhstan government.

“Continuance of programs directed towards influential policy makers of Kazakhstan means that Yale will have visibility and perhaps even some impact in Central Asia, a vitally important area that is largely unfamiliar to the West,” said Manjula Shyam, Director of International Executive Programs at Yale SOM.

Kazakhstan is a geo-strategically important country the size of all of Western Europe combined. The Republic of Kazakhstan has one of the fastest growing economies and vast oil and gas resources. It is slated to become one of the major exporters of oil by 2015. Kazakhstan is the first country that has voluntarily carried out nuclear disarmament.