MAM Class of 2015 Arrives at Yale SOM

They've worked for the United Nations and served at the British Embassy in Peru. One led innovation teams for Siemens and another worked on a project with Google in Vietnam. They're now all part of Yale SOM's Master of Advanced Management Class of 2015.

The class is the largest ever for the one-year program at Yale SOM, with 62 students from 32 countries, representing 18 schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management.

A number of the students got to know Yale SOM through previous Global Network activities, including Global Network Weeks and Global Network Courses. Others visited Evans Hall for the student-run Integrated Leadership Case Competition at Yale SOM this spring, which included teams from several Global Network schools.

Among the countries where students hold citizenships are Brazil, Canada, China, Congo, Ghana, Guatemala, Ireland, Israel, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa, Switzerland, and Turkey. All of the students are multilingual, speaking languages as diverse as Arabic, Cantonese, French, Italian, German, Hindi, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Taiwanese, and Turkish.

Their experiences and professional histories span every continent except Antarctica. Some have worked for global companies like Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Vodacom, Rothschild, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Panasonic, and UBS. Students have held engineering positions at the transportation giant Bombardier and in General Motors' emerging markets division. Others worked at governmental organizations including the United Nations and served on the Olympic Committee organizing the games in Beijing.

Their hobbies reflect a broad array of interests.  One served as an expedition leader for teenagers on a 19-day trek through the jungles of southern India; another was captain of the Guatemalan national basketball team. Others are canyoneers, marathoners, and rugby players.

Members of the MAM Class of 2015 arrived on August 18 for Orientation, during which they'll learn about the school and meet both their classmates and members of the MBA Class of 2016, who are also beginning their SOM careers. During Orientation, students from the two programs will come together for a group assignment and other Orientation activities; later, they'll take elective courses and participate in student organizations together.