Meet the MBA Class of 2017

Yale SOM’s MBA Class of 2017, a diverse group of professionals whose accomplishments span many sectors and industries, arrived in New Haven this week. The class includes 326 students, 40% of whom are international; members of the class hold citizenship in more than 40 countries. The Class of 2017 is 40% women, and students from underrepresented U.S. ethnicity groups make up 10% of the class. 

The MBA Class of 2017 (click for a larger image)

Their professional credentials are equally diverse and impressive, covering the private, social, public, and entrepreneurial sectors. They’ve worked at financial powerhouses such as Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan Chase, and Goldman Sachs; cutting-edge technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, and LinkedIn; and major consulting firms including Bain, Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Deloitte. Others have been been employed at Johnson & Johnson, Teach for America, GlaxoSmithKline, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Bloomberg, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the International Institute for Sustainable Development, the U.S. Department of Justice, and SunEdison, among many other organizations.

The class includes a former World Bank associate, a U.S. Navy veteran whose military honors include the Bronze Star and the NATO Campaign Medal, a digital marketer for the Ocean Conservancy, a specialist in international commerce for the Panama Canal Authority, a digital news producer for the Seattle Times, a systems engineer for Boeing, a staffer in the British Parliament’s House of Commons, and a semiprofessional rugby player in Argentina.

Students in the class have trekked the Himalayas, rock-climbed across continents, written fiction and poetry, and mastered Flamenco dancing, calligraphy, and jazz guitar. They’ve served as church music leaders, sailed in the Merchant Marine, taught martial arts, and coached youth soccer.

Members of the MBA Class of 2017 arrived on campus August 17 for orientation, during which they are being introduced to the school and their classmates and taking part in a group assignment. They are also getting to know students in the Master of Advanced Management Class of 2017, who take elective courses and participate in clubs and other activities alongside their MBA counterparts.

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