Imagine yourself a decade from now; you're likely to picture someone pretty much like yourself – with maybe a little less hair and a few more wrinkles.


The conference, presented by the Center for Customer Insights, will feature speakers from Facebook, MetLife, Cisco, Gilt Group, and L'Oreal


They say it’s better to give than to receive. Science says it’s also easier—particularly if your shopping experience is a miserable one.


In these final weeks before Christmas, it may strike you that retailers have gone out of their way to make holiday shopping as unpleasant an experience as possible. The odd truth is that they probably have.


Finding the perfect gift is supposed to be a matter of instinct—something we achieve by tapping into our intuitions about the people we love and magically sensing what they want. To present such a gift is to bask in the warm glow of the bonds we share with those closest to us, and to briefly lend physical form to our mutual understanding.


You know how this goes. You're aware that having a second doughnut is overkill, but you blissfully indulge anyway...only to regret it minutes later. So why do you keep giving in when you know you'll end up with regret later?


All together now: Breathe. You’ve made it through Black Friday (or should we call it Black Thursday Night?) and Cyber Monday, but if last year was any indication, two-thirds of you still have some serious holiday shopping to do.


James Reinhart says ThredUP, his three-year-old online marketplace for used children’s clothing, has lured plenty of parents who are comfortable swapping gear, but he yearns to attract a wider customer base.


Strategic Marketing Leadership: The Role of a Chief Marketing Officer was first offered in the spring 2012 semester, aiming to give students a complete view of the CMO role.


As more revelations of UK TV presenter Jimmy Savile's alleged pedophilia assaults come to light, there are many investors who wish they had just not bothered to bid on his memorabilia earlier this year, despite the £300,000 raised for charity.