Global Reach

Innovation and growth can come from anywhere at any time. The most influential businesses of coming decades will emerge from all corners of the globe, requiring leaders to work across cultures and across political boundaries. Through our leadership in the Global Network for Advanced Management—comprised of 29 top business schools worldwide—our students and faculty connect more meaningfully with more regions of the world.

The metabolic rate has just gone up for everything. Competition comes out of nowhere; product life cycles are getting shorter. With the information, the connectedness, the computing power, the data, things just are moving at a faster pace, so you have less time to react.Dominic Barton
Managing Director, McKinsey & Company

Spanning Countries

As a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, Yale SOM is connected to 28 other top business schools. These schools are located in both emerging and developed economies, ranging from Chile to Nigeria to Japan. Each school brings expertise and connections within its home region, and Global Network programs enable students both to practice working globally and to tap into unprecedented resources.

Global Network Weeks epitomize the network's approach. Students choose from week-long courses offered by a dozen or more network schools. During the week, they not only gain in-depth exposure to the business environment in another country but also also learn and work alongside peers from around the globe.

It Takes Teamwork

Global Virtual Teams, a new addition to the MBA core curriculum, introduces students to research on what makes global teams successful, helping them develop skills and insights, before matching them up with GNAM partners to work on a virtual project.

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In Global Network Courses, students learn from leading faculty, wherever they are in the world, and study alongside (virtually speaking) students at other member schools. For example, a course on urban resilience in 2016 was taught by faculty members located at five different schools and included students from eight schools.

A Global Campus

You don't have to leave the Yale SOM campus to be part of a global community. More than 40% of our MBA student body is international, coming from more than 40 countries.

A socially conscious mindset that also takes into account the complexities of business today—that resonates with me.Barkot Tekle ’15

Master of Advanced Management students come from schools throughout the Global Network for Advanced Management, often with extensive international professional experience.

Experiential courses let you tackle challenges in the developing world. In the Global Social Entrepreneurship course, students consult with organizations in India and another country, selected each year. Students research the organizations and work with them remotely before traveling for on-site evaluation and meetings.

Faculty Expertise

Yale SOM faculty research explores major questions that affect lives around the globe, including climate change, immigration and innovation, and opportunities in globalization. Important research has contributed to the debates on trade, corruption, and nuclear proliferation.

Building a network across West Africa