I love my mascot

April 1, 2007

Here’s some random trivia for you—did you know that the Yale School of Management has its own mascot … and that it’s a bison? Yup, that’s right. While we love, adore and respect our parent university’s mascot, “Handsome Dan”—the cute, yet fierce bulldog you’ve probably seen on every t-shirt our Athletic Department has produced—SOM just never felt like Handsome Dan was a true testament to our school’s might and power. So, we chose a slightly more appropriate animal, one that could adequately signal our strength … an animal that has never been domesticated, is umpteen times the size of a bulldog (in fact, according to Wikipedia, the bison is the largest terrestrial mammal in North America) and has some big horns to boot. This week, the administration took it one step further and went out and got us a REAL bison!! At first I thought they were out of their minds. This thing is 6 feet tall, 10 feet long and weighs almost as much as every single person in the Class of ’08 put together! But after having him around for about a week now, I think we’ve all gotten used to the traffic jams in the hallways as he moves from class to class. The smell is a bit more tolerable as well. Here’s a picture of me with our bison, “The Big Guy”, as we like to call him. Isn’t he precious?

Ah, just kidding. Happy April Fool’s Day! Sadly, this the only (lame) joke that I had time to play on anyone today … plus I was pretty jealous of Patrick’s eye-catching, leaping-through-the-air photo (see posting below), so I thought I’d try to one-up him with this random shot. And now—it’s back to the grind. Again, Happy April Fool’s Day … and sleep well tonight knowing that SOM proudly supports Yale’s “Handsome Dan Bulldog” as our beloved mascot.


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