William Goetzmann
Edwin J. Beinecke Professor of Finance and Management Studies & Director of the International Center for Finance

Professor Goetzmann is an expert on a diverse range of investments, including stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and paintings. His research topics include forecasting stock markets, selecting mutual fund managers, housing as investment, and the risk and return of art. Professor Goetzmann's work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Business Week, The Economist, Forbes, and Art and Auction. Professor Goetzmann has a background in arts and media management. As a documentary filmmaker, he has written and co-produced programs for Nova and the American Masters series, including a profile of artist Thomas Eakins. A former director of Denver's Museum of Western Art, Professor Goetzmann co-authored the award winning book, The West of the Imagination. 

K. Geert Rouwenhorst 
Robert B. and Candice J. Haas Professor of Corporate Finance & Deputy Director of the International Center for Finance

Professor Rouwenhorst specializes in international finance and asset pricing. His research interests include business cycle theory, the empirical tradeoff between risk and return in developed and emerging stock markets, and portfolio choice. His recent work examines hedge fund strategies, mutual fund settlement, commodity investments, and the history of financial innovation.    

Lloyd Baskin
Executive Director

Lloyd is responsible for directing initiatives in the areas of asset management and financial markets, working closely with the extended Yale community and  practitioners in the finance industry. Prior to joining the International Center for Finance, Lloyd worked for the Yale SOM Career Development Office where he advised students and managed employer relationships in the financial services industry. Previously, Lloyd spent his career focused on private equity (US and Latin America), venture capital (Israel) and investment banking (Europe and Latin America).  Lloyd is a graduate from Yale University and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Leigh Clark
Assistant Director

Leigh has over 13 years in the banking industry in acquisitions and student loans as an Account Manager and Loan Officer at First American Bank and Citibank.  She has a bachelor's degree in Economics from Texas A&M University. 

Minhua Wan
Research Associate

Minhua is the ICF Research Associate, supporting research initiatives in the finance group. Prior to joining ICF, Minhua served as an Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics at the School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas. Her research focuses on theoretical and empirical industrial organization and microeconomics. Her papers examine the price dispersion of books sold online and finding that demand uncertainty is an important but unexplored factor in determining price dispersion. On the teaching side, she taught Business Economics for master students. She received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Renmin University of China, and an MBA and a PhD in 2006 from Booth School of Business, the University of Chicago.