Yale SOM has deep connections with enterprise in China, through ongoing research and initiatives, through our accomplished alumni body, our growing Global Network for Advanced Management, International Experiences courses in China, and through the Greater China Board of Advisors.

Greater China Board of Advisors

Brad Huang* 

Founder & Chairman 
Lotus Capital Management, Ltd.

Raymond N. Chang* 
Group CEO 
New Focus Automobile Technology Limited

Raymond Chit Man Chia* 
Managing Director 
AP Capital Group, Ltd.

Yan Liu Johnson* 
Pacific Partnership Advisors LLC

David Hui Li* 
Managing Director 
Warburg Pincus LLC

Hank Lin* 
Urban Holdings (China)

Liang Meng* 
Managing Partner 
Ascendent Capital Partners Limited

Ping Ping* 
Managing Director 
Chengwei Ventures LLC

Yongqiang Qian* 
New Oriental Education & Technology Group

Colm Rafferty* 
Vice President - Asia Pacific Region 
Vermeer Corporation

Neil Nanpeng Shen 
Founding & Managing Partner 
Sequoia Capital China

Eddie Sun-Keung Tam* 
CEO & Chief Investment Officer 
Central Asset Investments

Derek Shiun-Sheng Wang* 
Chairman of the Board & President
China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Group

Sam Wong* 
Senior Vice President 
HKC Holdings

Kevin Ye* 
Chief Executive Officer 
Salubris Pharmaceuticals

Siuman Shirley Yeung* 
Founder & Managing Partner 
Dragonrise Capital

Kevin Y. Zhang* 
Managing Partner 
Ascendent Capital Partners Limited

Lei Zhang* 
President & Chief Investment Officer 
Hillhouse Capital Management, Ltd. (HCM)

Feng Zhou* 

*Graduate of the Yale School of Management